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Shanghai Century Lianhua Supermarket Co., Ltd. is a professional company which specializes in hypermarkets operation and management. Currently in Zhejiang, it has approx 50 hypermarkets (covering an area over 5,000 square meters per store), 40 medium- sized supermarkets(covering an area of 2,000-5,000 square meters per store), 40 small supermarkets(covering an area of under 2,000 square meters), and 100 standard franchised supermarkets. 50% of its hypermarkets and 90%of its franchised supermarkets are concentrated in Hangzhou. Its total annual sales of import fruits is around RMB300 million. As the most important vendor of Century Lianhua in Zhejiang, Xingbang Fruits has set up
distribution centers in Hangzhou and Jinhua and developed a professional service team to provide all-around assistance service in logistics, production promotion and sales to Century Lianhua. CR Vanguard Supermarket is one of the largest-scale retail-chain enterprises. Its supermarket business is in the No.1 place among Chinese chain supermarkets for successive years. It has 10 chain stores in Zhejiang, and Xingbang Fruits is also one of its most important vendor in Zhejiang province.