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Shanghai Huizhan Fruits Wholesale Market is the second first-tier import fruits wholesale market coming just after Guangzhou Jiangnan Fruits Wholesale Market, with its wholesaling business radiating East China, North China, Central China and Northeast China. Shanghai has a population of nearly 30 million, and its GDP per capita is over USD15,000, ranking No. 1 in China. Shanghai is also where fresh fruits e-commerce is most developed in China with countless amount of high-end fruits sold daily via internet to places all over China, thus becoming the most important high-end fruits terminal. Since Wonong’s strategic move of first-tier wholesaling business in 2012, Wonong has witnessed steady growth in Shanghai

Huizhan Fruits Wholesale Market and its sales volume is among the top.


      Zhejiang Province has a population of around 60 million and its GDP per capita is over USD10,000, ranking the second place in provinces ofChina. It is one of the most important high-end fruit market in China. It has 11 cities and 5 major fruit distribution centers located in Hangzhou city, Ningbo City, Jiaxing City and Wenzhou City respectively. Wonong, with the distribution network and edges cultivated by Hangzhou Xingbang Fruits Co., Ltd, covers a large share of the Zhejiang market. Hangzhou Xingbang Fruit Co., Ltd.(“Xingbang Fruit”), founded in 1991, is based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. It is a large comprehensive company featuring high-quality fresh fruit cultivation, sales and distribution. It owns three subsidiaries, namely Jinhua Futefeili Fruit Co., Ltd, Jinhua Dongsheng Agricultural Food Co., Ltd. and Baoshan City Xingbang Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. Xingbang Fruit has set up stalls in all mojor fruit wholesaling market and enjoys a long-term strategic partnership with two large domestic supermarket chains, namely Century Lianhua Supermarket and CR Vanguard. Hangzhou Xingbang’s sales scale the top in Zhejiang.

Hangzhou Agricultural Logistics Center, covers an area of approximately 3,800mu,is a large player in East China with strong radiating capacity. Xingbang Fruit is the largest fruit wholesaler in the center.

Jiaxing Fruit Wholesale Market is the largest wholesale market in East China for domestic fruit wholesaling. Our sales volume rank the top in the market.

Jinhua Agricultural Products Wholesale Market is the most important fruit wholesale markets in South West Zhejiang Province. Xingbang Fruit’s sales volume also rank the top in the market. What’s worth mentioning is that Jinhua branch is the place of origin of Xingbang Fruits.